(Group classes are 12 students or less.)

beginning photography class panama city fl

Beginning Photography

Starting January 25, 2018 – A hands on class for learning about camera operation. Start from scratch and become familiar with your camera’s most important features, and how they translate into the photograph.

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intermediate photography class

Intermediate Photography

Starting January 22, 2018 – Once you are comfortable with your camera, practice applying your knowledge to common photographic challenges. Get hands on practice shooting a portrait, indoors/low light, night shots, action, with flash.

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photography classes panama city fl

Photography for Teens & Pre-Teens

Starting January 26, 2018 – A creative class for teens ages 11-18. This four week series will introduce the workings of a digital camera and give hands on practice with portraits, fine art photography, action shots, and editing with Photoshop.

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claire rhodes photography web

Portrait Lighting with a Twist! Workshop with Claire Rhodes

Starting February 7, 2018  – A five part workshop with portrait photographer Claire Rhodes. Strengthen your lighting technique by working with natural light, off camera flash, and studio lighting. The twist? All of our models will be four legged friends!

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adobe lightroom class

Intro to Adobe Lightroom 

Next Session TBA! – An introduction to editing and organizing your photographs with Adobe Lightroom. Covering the Library and Develop modules, as well as Lightroom Mobile capabilities. Perfect for beginners or those interested in branching out from Photoshop.

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night photography class

Night Photography 

Next session Spring 2018  – An exciting niche that comes alive with experimentation and photographic “rule breaking!” Practice the techniques and camera settings that make great night shots.

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photoshop class panama city fl

Editing with Photoshop – Beginning

Starting January 9, 2018 – An introduction to editing your photographs with Adobe Photoshop. This class will give an overview of the most useful tools for the photographer and help you create an efficient workflow. If you are brand new to Photoshop or have dabbled but need a stronger foundation, this is a great place to start.

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intermediate photoshop class

Editing with Photoshop – Intermediate

Next session TBA! – For those already familiar with Photoshop, this class will give you a new level of in-depth practice.  Get the most out of your editing time, discover new possibilities, work with adjustment tools in great detail, prep files for printing.

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cell phone photography

Cell Phone Photography Workshop

December 9, 2017 – Make better photos with the camera you always have with you!  This workshop will give you tips on seeing creative composition and light, exposure, how to get the best quality image, settings to tweak and those to avoid, apps for quick editing and sharing.

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film photography class panama city flFilm Photography! 

Next session Spring 2018 –  Expand your photography skill set from digital to the world of film, or slow down and get back to the basics. In this class we’ll shoot film with fully manual 35 mm cameras, and introduce you to other formats as well.

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Kids Photography Summer Camp

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Alyssa Braa

The Young Photographer – Kid’s Camps (Spring Break and Summer 2018)

Spring & Summer 2018 – We will offer a mini camp for Spring Break (March 20 – 22)  and two sessions of The Young Photographer (June and July) next summer! We are expanding to include more fun topics from historic photo processes to digital. Please get in touch if you would like updates on these camps.

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henri cartier bresson
Henri Cartier-Bresson

The Master’s Eye

Next Session TBA – Develop your eye and learn some photography history by looking at the masters. Learn about a new photographer each week and make photos inspired by their style. Great class for building your portfolio.

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photography class panama city fl composition


Next Session TBA –  A class on creative seeing. Each week we’ll sharpen your eye by honing in on a different element of composition: perspective, framing, line, shape, pattern, texture and color.

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Trudy Koelstra

Private Lessons

Great when you need help in a specific area, have a new camera or other equipment, or prefer one-on-one instruction.

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