Film Photography

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Expand your photography skill set from digital to the world of film, or slow down and get back to basics. In this class we’ll shoot film with fully manual 35 mm cameras, and introduce you to other formats as well. We will cover exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focus, focal length, and composition. Each week will include a shooting exercise designed for mastering the fundamentals of photography and strengthening your creative eye.

Included class materials are:

1 roll of film per week (you are welcome to shoot more, we can recommend what to get!) and film processing/scanning.

Camera (optional) – Borrow a 35mm camera from The Light Room for the duration of class or bring your own. We can give advice on what to bring if you are unsure.

Why shoot film?

Sometimes less is more.  With a limited number of exposures, you can take your time and get each shot right. Be deliberate, concentrating on composition, light, and being creative. And there’s the magic of getting your first roll of film developed!

*This course will not cover darkroom work, although you will gain insight into the developing and printing processes.

5 week course, $200 or $250 with camera rental.

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