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Check out Patti’s beautiful night sky work on Instagram ~

Shooting the Night Sky Workshop with Patti Blake

September 28 & October 5, 2019

Join Chief News Herald photographer Patti Blake for a two part workshop on photographing the night sky.

Part 1, Saturday September 28, 6pm - 9:30pm~ Meet Patti at The Light Room to learn techniques for astrophotography, including capturing the Milky Way, creating beautiful star trails, and foreground light painting. See some of Patti’s favorite images, ask questions, and get inspired.

After the lesson, head to St. Andrews State Park where class will continue with a two hour hands on session shooting the night sky!

Part 2, Saturday October 5, 2pm - 4pm ~ Bring your favorite images from the week before to The Light Room to learn about post-processing for the night sky. Remove noise, correct color, see how to combine multiple images to create trails.

*For this workshop you will need a DSLR camera and wide angle lens, tripod, intervelometer, and an LED flashlight. For the editing portion, bring a laptop with Photoshop and follow along with Patti, or simply watch and take notes.